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The goals of counselling at CART are to help you resolve difficulties, adjust to life circumstances, succeed in academics or occupation, establish meaningful relationships and live a more satisfying and productive life. At CART counselling is a process in which a trained counsellor facilitates a helping relationship characterized by acceptance, empathy and concern. 

Individual counselling is designed to help you live in ways that support your goal of doing well. One-on-one meetings with our counsellor can give you time and a safe place to be heard and plan how to improve your life.

Any problem or desire for change is a legitimate reason to come to us for help. The counsellor will help you explore your feelings, thoughts, and concerns, learn more about yourself, examine your options, overcome obstacles, and achieve your goals. 

Career Guidance for Students 

 Making the right choice about future careers and college courses is sometimes a difficult and challenging time for students. Students do not always have the knowledge and experience to make the right decisions about their futures, what they ‘want’ often driving their choices when it should ideally be skills, abilities and preferences combined.

A career guidance session can help the student make the right decision, thereby preventing potentially costly college courses which will not benefit them.

At CART you will go through a uniquely designed Career Assessment System which identifies career areas which would really suit you. We will put you back on track by guiding you through a process in which you find out what you are really good at and what you love doing 

Career Guidance for Adults

 We all reach cross-roads at different stages in our lives. At those times we need a helping hand to guide us in the right direction. CART offer a friendly and confidential service aimed at providing the right advice at this important time. We provide high quality Career Information, Advice and Guidance to adults 19 years or older.

Our assessments and guidance program for adults will help in finding the right career/ higher education that will provide you with increased job satisfaction and personal fulfilment if you are in employment seeking advancement or promotion, you are unhappy with your current job and looking for positive change, you are an unemployed and considering a job, you are considering further studies on a full time or part time basis, you are a graduate students looking out for career guidance,etc 

Academic Therapy (Special Education) 

 CART has a well established reputation for enabling pupils with various specific learning difficulties including dyslexia, dyscalculia and development coordination disorder to achieve their full potential. CART provides academic therapy to our students who are primarily diagnosed with dyslexia and/or other related specific learning differences.

The program is highly structured, multi-sensory, intensive, individualized, and aimed at addressing important prerequisite areas of learning where students have difficulties with. This program aims to equip the child with foundational skills for effective learning.

Our program will address Memory, Attention, and Processing-Speed & Sequencing where students have difficulties in learning. Students would undergo intensive practice building the pre-requisite skills through reading, writing, math computation and comprehension. 

Psychological Assessments 

 CART provides comprehensive psychological and psycho educational, testing for children, adolescents and adults. We will tailor assessment packages to specific questions you need answer and provide you with detailed results and specific recommendations in a timely manner.

Our assessment package includes consultation with a psychologist to understand your concerns, customized psychological testing, review of findings and recommendations, diagnostic evaluation and discussion of treatment options and recommendations. 

Following are some of the psychological evaluations available at CART

  • Intelligence Assessment (IQ)

    Psycho Educational Assessment (LD)

    Academic Achievement Test

    Study Skills Assessment

    Personality Assessment

    Comprehensive Memory Assessment

    Comprehensive Behaviour Assessment

  • ADD/ADHD Assessment/Screening

    Developmental Screening

    L D Screening

    Aptitude Assessments

    Interest & Work value Assessment

    Assessment of Creativity

    Developmental Screening

    Neurological Screening

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