Psychological counselling and Special Education Services for Schools

Services for Schools

Career Guidance for Students 

 Making the right choice about future careers and college courses is sometimes a difficult and challenging time for students. Students do not always have the knowledge and experience to make the right decisions about their futures, what they ‘want’ often driving their choices when it should ideally be skills, abilities and preferences combined.

A career guidance session can help the student make the right decision, thereby preventing potentially costly college courses which will not benefit them.

Our career guidance program is designed to give  the focus and the techniques to target and get the job/education  students want.

Resource Center 

 CART offers comprehensive special education & counselling services for schools who wish to manage own resource rooms to deal with children requiring special attention, academic and emotional support. Special education and counselling services are offered to students with learning disabilities, developmental delay, hearing impairment, speech impairment, autism spectrum disorder, ADD/ADHD and various emotional and behavioural difficulties. The entire resource rooms will be managed by our experienced and well trained personnel (psychologists, special educators) in order to provide professional services in-school. 

School Achievement Test (SAT) 

 The School Achievement Test measures the basic academic skills of word reading, sentence comprehension, spelling, and math computation. 

Program Highlights 

  • Detailed Individual Reporting
  • Class Performance Report
  • Overall School Performance Report
  • Administration Without Interfering Normal School Schedule

Study Skill Assessments & Workshop 

 Poor study skills, ineffective learning strategies and test-anxiety impede academic success. Our test measures the skills related to academic success early in a student’s school life. The workshop is designed to enable the student to pro-actively address these weaknesses. 

Program Highlights 

  • Detailed individual reporting
  • Highly structured and effective workshop
  • Administration without interfering normal school schedule
  • Option to avail either workshop or assessment or both

Psychological Assessments 

 CART provides comprehensive psychological and psycho educational, testing for children, adolescents and adults. We will tailor assessment packages to specific questions you need answer and provide you with detailed results and specific recommendations in a timely manner.

Our assessment package includes consultation with a psychologist to understand your concerns, customized psychological testing, review of findings and recommendations, diagnostic evaluation and discussion of treatment options and recommendations. 

Following are some of the psychological evaluations available at CART

  • Intelligence Assessment (IQ)

    Psycho Educational Assessment (LD)

    Academic Achievement Test

    Study Skills Assessment

    Personality Assessment

    Comprehensive Memory Assessment

    Comprehensive Behaviour Assessment

  • ADD/ADHD Assessment/Screening

    Developmental Screening

    L D Screening

    Aptitude Assessments

    Interest & Work value Assessment

    Assessment of Creativity

    Developmental Screening

    Neurological Screening

Workshops and Training 

 We have a range of training, workshops and seminars designed to help students enhance their academic performance, social and behavioral skills. We also offer various workshops for teachers, educators and parents because we know they all play a vital role in shaping the future of students.

We also customize workshops or training programs suiting your needs, requirements upon request. 

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