Learning Disability Assessment in Navi Mumbai

About us


Center for Assessment Remediation & Therapy (CART) is a premier institute in the field of psychology, research and training. Established since 2002, we are committed to providing broad range of high quality, innovative, and ethical services that address the psychological, educational, social, and developmental needs of our clients.

Our staff comprises of individuals who are highly talented in their areas of expertise (Clinical Psychologists, Counselling Psychologists, Special Educators) and uniformly committed to providing you with respectful and confidential services in a safe, supportive environment that values the identities, beliefs and abilities of each individual.

Values and Ethics

 The keywords at CART are Respect, Dignity and Collaboration

We believe in non-judgmental, collaborative, person-centered care, based on respect for the dignity of the individual. Our focus on individualized care means that we take your economic, cultural and spiritual background into account, as well as your values, developmental level, and interpersonal support systems.

We think that people have the right to accessible, cost-effective, high-quality mental health care including diagnosis, treatment, education, counseling, and coordination of services.

We take seriously our responsibility to respond to important public mental health issues that may affect the community.

We continually hold ourselves accountable to our goal of being responsive to the needs and concerns of everyone who seeks care, to be sensitive to the diverse identities of our clients and knowledgeable about the concerns specific to these identities.

We demonstrate a high level of professional commitment by supporting staff education, collegial relationships, peer review, and acceptance of accountability in our practices. 

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