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Employee Assistance Program (EAP) 

 Circumstances at home can spill over into work life, just as difficulties on the job can affect relationships at home. If left unattended, issues that were once minor can become more serious and have a negative impart both at home and at work. 

We structure comprehensive behavioral health and wellness programs that meet the needs and expectations of both corporate HR and local management. And we create culturally-sensitive employee assistance plans and work-life programs to assist employees and their families with life's many challenges. 


 Our services are designed to help clients enhance their assessment activities by improving the quality of information on which such decisions are based. Our knowledge of and experience with many different psychometric instruments has given us an unequalled ability to advise organizations in both the public and private sectors about the introduction and use of these powerful HR tools. 

If you need our assistance in HR selection and Training please contact us to discuss your needs in detail. We can help you identify exactly which tests you will require in order to achieve the objectives you have set and also provide you with consultant support to carry out the testing and then de-brief you on the results. Whether you wish to use tests for recruitment, team-building, management development, training or career guidance, we have a range of instruments that will suit both your budget and your requirements. 

Trainings & Workshops

 We provide corporate trainings for overcoming stress and boredom at work place, Group facilitation for problem-solving and consensual decision-making, Anger Management, Stress Management, Time Manahgement, Enhancing Self-Esteem, Assertiveness, Team Building & Communication

Trainings & Workshops 

  • Overcoming Stress and Boredom at Work Place
  • Group facilitation for problem-solving and consensual decision-making
  • Anger Management
  • Stress Management
  • Time Management
  • Enhancing Self-Esteem
  • Assertiveness
  • Team Building & Communication

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